Park Rules

  • All visitors must register at the office upon arrival. Rates are payable in advance
  • Daily (expires 11PM) $3.00 per adult
  • Overnight (expires 12PM [noon]) $10.00 per adult
  • You are responsible for your guests
  • Don’t damage Park property
  • No smoking in any public area this includes bathrooms and recreation hall
  • Don’t disturb your neighbours. DO NOT TRESPASS ON NEIGHBOURS OR VACANT LOTS
  • Quiet times are strictly enforced during the following times:
    • 11PM – 8AM Sunday to Thursday
    • Midnight – 8AM Friday/Saturday (and Sundays on long weekends)
    • No music or loud noise is permitted during these times!!!
  • Must be kept away from trees and be attended by an adult at all times
  • It is absolutely forbidden to peel bark from any tree in the park or damage any standing tree in any way. Parents are responsible for their children
  • 10km/hr. Only licensed, sober drivers are permitted to drive your vehicle
  • Are not permitted to be driven in the park after dark. Motorcycles and minibikes are acceptable for in and out of campground only
  • No smoking in Rec Hall
  • No glass bottles or glasses are permitted in our rec hall. Please be sure beverages are kept in plastic or cans
  • Glass bottles are not permitted to be carried around the campground!
  • Must be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in the bin on the way out of the campground on the right hand side of our main entrance
  • 17 years and younger must be with a parent or guardian after 10pm and must not be left alone in the park at any time
  • Must be kept on a leash at all times and not be allowed to bother campers. Please stoop and scoop. Pit bulls are not permitted
  • No new seasonal rentals if your trailer was manufactured more than twenty  years ago
  • Management reserves the right:
    • for access to any site at any time for inspection, maintenance or septic pumping
    • to eject without notice or refund any objectionable person who causes a disturbance or becomes a nuisance